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We help you succeed.

We offer a range of services to help your start-up succeed. Contact us to find out more.

Executive Search

We know how hiring the best talent is critical to your business. We work your networks intelligently and quickly to find trusted, top-quality leadership for your group.

Contingency Placement, Full Staff

Pay-per-hire placements covering the full range of positions needed to staff high-tech start-ups. Contact us to discuss rates and terms.

Recruiter Coaches. Come join the HTV Team

Help us deliver and implement HTV's trademark 'marketability model', our tool for career planning, and assessing and improving the likelihood of a company's success, based on talent analysis and hiringClick Here


Start-up Incubator Services

We offer a full range of incubator services, including access to funding and expert counselling. Contact us for more details.

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Equity based Software Roles in our Incubated companies

Work for one or more of our incubated companies for an equity position.   Click Here